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The Look On The Brightside AW20 Product Launch

1st July, 2020
Over 3 months of amazing interactive events and content to welcome 700 brand new products to the WIDDOP and Co. portfolio. The Look on the Brightside campaign is packed with innovative and unique ways to engage, browse and interact with us.
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The Government Can Help You Through This

8th April, 2020
The government is offering to support employees during the COVID-19 lockdown. But is there any other financial help available to small businesses? The answer is yes! Find out how here.
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WIDDOP Acquires Ice & Slice License

3rd March, 2020
Check out our fabulous new range of innovative and unique balloon copa glasses with fruit moulded into the bowls! The perfect summer gift.
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Coronavirus - What it Means for Widdop & Our Customers

19th February, 2020
Despite the issues in China, Widdop is in a stronger stock position than ever before. Director, Stephen Illingworth, explains how the situation will affect WIDDOP & our customers.
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What A SHOW! Spring Fair 2020

10th February, 2020
We would like to say a huge thank you to every one who took the time to visit the WIDDOP and CO. stand at Spring Fair 2020.
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