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Ready Steady Dream

26th January, 2021
In 2020, we began Looking on the Brightside of the year’s events, but this year we want to go further. 2021 is about building towards the future, reaching higher and beginning to really dream again. We’re taking inspiration from 7 great innovators who were unafraid to push through tough times and achieve amazing things.
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Brightside Award Winners!

21st October, 2020
Our look on the Brightside awards were to celebrate outstanding achievements in these challenging and unprecedented times. We have been delighted to award some of the very best in entrepreneurial business leadership and local community engagement with an award to celebrate their hard work and determination. As we continue to support each other, grow and adapt to a new way of life and running business, we felt it was a great time to share some of those amazing achievements with you all. It has been incredibly inspiring to see, hear and read your entries. Some of the initiatives we have seen are phenomenal and something to be admired.
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The Look On The Brightside AW20 Product Launch

1st July, 2020
Over 3 months of amazing interactive events and content to welcome 700 brand new products to the WIDDOP and Co. portfolio. The Look on the Brightside campaign is packed with innovative and unique ways to engage, browse and interact with us.
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The Government Can Help You Through This

8th April, 2020
The government is offering to support employees during the COVID-19 lockdown. But is there any other financial help available to small businesses? The answer is yes! Find out how here.
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WIDDOP Acquires Ice & Slice License

3rd March, 2020
Check out our fabulous new range of innovative and unique balloon copa glasses with fruit moulded into the bowls! The perfect summer gift.
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