Q. Who can buy from Widdop & Co.? +-
Q. Where do I view new products? +-
Q. When will a certain product be in stock? +-
Q. How do I see your prices? +-
Q. How are products packaged? +-
Q. Do you have showrooms? +-
Q. How can I obtain images from your website? +-
Q. Cash is tight so I cannot place huge orders at the moment – can I still get products? +-
Q. The retail landscape has changed so much. Do you have any advice on how to stay relevant and successful? +-
Q. What are your stock levels like? +-
Q. I don’t have the time to spend away from the business visiting showrooms, so how do I view your products? +-
Q. Which trade shows are you attending? +-
Q. Do you offer exclusivity? +-
Q. What are recommended retail prices? +-
Q. I’m a new customer and I’m not sure what to buy. Can you help me? +-


Q. How do I place an order? +-
Q. Can I buy online? +-
Q. What is your minimum order? +-
Q. Can I order in single quantities? +-
Q. Can I return faulty items? +-
Q. What is your policy on returning unwanted items? +-
Q. I have placed an order online – can I add to it? +-
Q. I have a spreadsheet of products I’d like to order – do I have to phone up or can I order them online? +-


Q. How quickly do you dispatch orders? +-
Q. What are your delivery charges? +-
Q. Can I collect my orders? +-
Q. How much is a carriage paid order in Mainland UK? +-
Q. When can I expect to receive my back order? +-
Q. What if an item is damaged or missing from my order? +-


Q. How much is an opening order? +-
Q. What is pro-forma? +-
Q. What are your payment terms for a credit account? +-
Q. How do I apply for an account? +-
Q. Do you accept online only traders? +-


Q. My business is from outside the UK, can I apply for an account? +-
Q. Which countries do you ship to? +-
Q. Will you ship the goods to my UK shipper’s address? +-
Q. I am in the EU, can you ship here? +-
Q. What is the minimum order value for EU customers? +-
Q. What is the minimum order value for worldwide customers? +-


Q. How do I pay for my order? +-
Q. Do you accept credit cards? +-
Q. How do I apply for a credit account? +-