Q. Overcrowding & in-store space is an issue and we have reduced staff to maintain safety. So how can we meet our WIDDOP rep? +-
Q. How quickly are you able to dispatch orders? +-
Q. I’m unsure about visiting your showrooms. Are you open? And how will you ensure my safety or the safety of my team? +-
Q. I don’t have the time to spend away from the business visiting showrooms, so how do I view your products? +-
Q. Will you have any new products for us? Or has lock-down prevented development? +-
Q. What are your stock levels like? +-
Q. I have a spreadsheet of products I’d like to order. Do I have to phone up or can I order them online? +-
Q. Cash is tight so I cannot place huge orders at the moment. Can I still get products? +-
Q. How can I see your new Autumn products? +-
Q. The retail landscape has changed so much. Do you have any advice on how to stay relevant and successful? +-


Q. Will you ship the goods to my UK shippers address? +-
Q. I live outside the EU can I apply for an account? +-
Q. Which countries do you deliver to? +-


Q. When can I expect to receive my back order? +-
Q. How much is a carriage paid order in mainland UK? +-
Q. Can I order in single quantities? +-
Q. When will my order be delivered? +-
Q. I have placed an order online – can I add to it? +-
Q. Can I collect my orders? +-
Q. Can I buy online? +-


Q. What is your policy on Returning unwanted items? +-


Q. How can I obtain images for my website? +-
Q. Do you have showrooms? +-
Q. Who can buy from WIDDOP and Co.? +-
Q. Can I return faulty items? +-
Q. How are products packaged? +-
Q. How do I apply for a credit account? +-


Q. Do you accept credit cards? +-


Q. How much is an opening order? +-
Q. What is Pro-Forma? +-
Q. What are your payment terms for a credit account? +-
Q. How do I apply for an account? +-