Northern Lights

Unveil Radiance with Northern Lights: A New Distribution Partnership for Wholesale Candle Supplies

Welcome to the pinnacle of candlemaking brought to you in the form of Northern Lights. As you explore our range, immerse yourself in a world of wholesale candle excellence. Founded in 1978, Northern Lights have been manufacturing quality candles in the USA for 45+ years and now Widdop & Co. have partnered as the exclusive distributor for the UK from Winter 2023.

Northern Lights Candle Jars Wholesale: Illuminating Rooms with Distinction

This Candle Jars Wholesale collection, under the Northern Lights banner, is a testament to innovation and creativity. Each jar is meticulously crafted, merging style with functionality. Northern Lights are widely loved and their candles and accessories are successfully sold through gift shops, garden centres, large multi-store chains and e-commerce channels.

Buy Candles in Bulk: Northern Lights Brilliance in Abundance

Choose opulence in abundance as you opt to Buy Candles in Bulk from Widdop & Co. Northern Lights wholesale scented candles transform surroundings into a sanctuary of luxury and warmth with this carefully curated selection, each candle further confirmation of the Northern Lights commitment to first-to-market design.

Wholesale Candles for Resale: Partner with Widdop & Co. and Illuminate Your Success

For retailers seeking to grow their sales, our Wholesale Candles for Resale are the perfect range to buy into. Northern Lights candles, with their premium quality and exquisite scents, are more than just products. Become a purveyor of Northern Lights magic and watch your retail sales glow with prosperity.

Luxury Candle Jars Wholesale: Northern Lights, Where Opulence is Standard

Here, luxuriousness meets affordability with this luxury candle jars wholesale collection. If you're looking for candle jars with lids wholesale, then we have the perfect line for you. A homage to craft cocktails, this great-selling line combines unique fragrance and the wit of your favourite bartender, all in a reusable glass container with colours designed to look like spirit bottles.

Bulk Scented Candles by Northern Lights: A Symphony of Fragrance

It's not just wholesale scented candles in the Northern Lights collection. Fragranced product styles include candle jars, wax melts, room sprays and reed diffusers, each meticulously designed to evoke emotions and create lasting memories. Pillars, tealights and voltives with a branded counter display unit, all come in unfragranced and fragranced versions.

Alternative to Yankee Candle Wholesale: Experience Iconic Fragrances with Northern Lights

Explore alternatives to Yankee Candle through our Northern Lights Wholesale options. Widdop & Co. bring you this range of timeless scents that will look equally at home in your store as other household names like Chesapeake Bay, Woodwick, Stoneglow and Wax Lyrical. The time is perfect to invest in Northern Lights to infuse your customers' homes with tradition and excellence.

Wax Melt Burner Wholesale: Northern Lights, Elevating the Melting Experience

For those who appreciate the subtlety of wax melts, our Wax Melt Burner Wholesale options redefine the melting experience. We use custom wax blends that include soy, beeswax, palm, coconut and paraffin. Our European taper candles have 30% more wax than standard tapers, have colour throughout, come in 26+ colours, are fragrance free and fit standard taper holders, with a burn time of approximately 1" per hour.

Northern Lights invites you to embrace a world of wholesale candle elegance. Your journey begins here, where quality meets variety, and every candle tells a story. Enchant your customers and let Northern Lights be the beacon guiding you to unparalleled candle sophistication.

Northern Lights

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Products 1 to 12 (57 Records)