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WIDDOP began selling wholesale Christmas decorations and gifts over 5 years ago and has fast become a leading international supplier of baubles, decorations, gifts and home accessories to the trade.

Each year our product development team works 18 months ahead to curate our Christmas collections for the following calendar year. This way we ensure that our customers can have the widest possible selection, encompassing all of the most important and exciting trends in festive décor and gift.

We carefully craft our Christmas ranges based on distinct interior décor themes and colourways from the traditional reds, greens and golds to ultra-modern and contemporary themes with blush, white, grey or vibrant fluorescent colours.

From these themes we carefully design our ranges to include all the elements needed to perfect the trend, from baubles to garlands and gift sacks to ornaments.

Every product is carefully considered to help our customers reflect the look in their stores to make a real splash and statement with their Christmas displays. In the internet age, people need a reason to venture out to shops, with the theatre we deliver, our wholesale Xmas collection is guaranteed to deliver and engage.

From wholesale Christmas trees to personalised Christmas tree decorations the Christmas collection is a true one stop shop for your Christmas buying needs.

Our full-sized Santa Express train was the talk of Spring Fair 2019 and this year our Santa’s Workshop collection is packed with even more spectacular props which are available for bespoke ordering to help you generate a festive buzz with your in-store displays and merchandising.

For the full Christmas by Widdop experience, nothing can compare to getting up close and personal with the product. Our spectacular showrooms, complete with theatre, great gifts and decorations and our famous hospitality we offer the ultimate Christmas buying experience.

Book your visit via the Christmas by Widdop website now. Or call 0161 688 1226 to make an enquiry.

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