Wholesale Picture Frames - Ultimate Buyers Guide

Picture Frames
Ultimate Buyers Guide

Step into any home or business and there's a very high chance you'll find pictures adorning the walls or resting on tables, encased in a wide variety of different styles, colours and size of picture frame.

As more and more people become interested in interior design, making their spaces look aesthetically pleasing whilst adding a personalised touch are key requirements - and this is where having different styles of picture frames on display can tick both of these boxes.

Key Picture Frame Trends

The picture frame market doesn't show any signs of slowing in growth any time soon. In fact, according to Straits Research the global picture frame market is expected to be worth up to USD 8,845.8 million by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%.

With picture frames continuing to stay on-trend for a long time to come, if you're a business that sells picture frames, taking advantage of the market's popularity, and providing customers with the right kind of frames, will be essential. Here's everything you need to know about choosing wholesale picture frames and associated suppliers.

Picture Frame Style

Picture frames vary enormously, so it's important to think about the kind of frames you'll want to sell, and will appeal to your customers.

You could choose a traditional style of frame such as wooden picture frames, which will always be popular, appealing to a wide range of audiences. However, you might also wish to purchase picture frames that are modern in style. These might make use of materials such as metal, glass or have a mirrored effect, making the perfect choice for contemporary interiors.

Have a flick through interior design magazines to find out what kind of trends are currently in style, and choose your picture frames according to the latest must-have fashions. Retro styles, shabby chic, decorative and multi-picture frames are particularly popular right now.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can find picture frame styles that are fun and quirky in style. They may have unique patterns, shapes and colours that will almost command as much attention as the picture intended for the frame.

Other fashionable styles of frames include floating frames, where the item in the frame appears to be floating, so you can see behind the image. This is especially popular in modern styles of homes or offices, and is designed to be decorative rather than for displaying something sentimental.

Shadow box frames are another type of frame that has grown in appeal, allowing you to place some treasured items inside the deep section of the frame for a 3D effect, rather than just a picture.

These less-traditional styles of frames may appeal to a more niche segment of the market, so if you're looking for big sellers, you may prefer to stick to the standard types of frames.

As well as selling single picture frames, you might also wish to choose frames that let you display a large number of images. These have become especially popular in recent times, especially for displaying lots of family photos on a wall.

Picture frames also have different types and styles of hanging features, with some hooking onto the wall at the back of the frame, while others may have a visible hanging, such as a piece of material, which can be a decorative element in its own right. Other frames are designed to be stood up on a table, without a hanging attachment. It's a good idea to choose a variety of different hanging types for your frames, to give your customers lots of choice.

Another aspect to think about is the colour of the picture frames. Which colours will appeal to your clientele? You'll never go far wrong with neutral tones such as black or white frames, as well as silver. However, many people like to introduce colours to their spaces through accessories such as picture frames, so choosing frames that add a pop of colour could prove to be big sellers.

Gift or Themed Photo Frames

Picture frames are a popular gift idea - and for good reason. They'll always come in handy and make for a beautiful, lasting keepsake when a special photo or picture is placed inside the frame.

When choosing wholesale picture frames it's, therefore, a good idea to select some for your business that will appeal as gifts. In particular, sentimental styles of frames for occasions from brands such as CELEBRATIONS®, AMORE BY JULIANA® & BAMBINO BY JULIANA® . Picture frames for Mother's Day or the birth of a new baby will prove to be very popular, as will frames that mark an event or milestone such as a special birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation.

Some types of picture frames may be more popular at various times of the year, such as at Christmas or around Valentine's Day, so it's worth stocking themed frames to coincide with specific occasions or events in the annual calendar to meet rising demand.

Understand Your Customers

One of the biggest considerations to think about when choosing what to stock is what kind of customers are likely to visit your premises. There's no point buying a particular type of frame to display in your retail business if it isn't the type or style that fits with your customer profile.

For example, if your retail store appeals to younger audiences, the frames you choose might be fun and quirky in style, with lots of different colours, materials and shapes. On other hand, older clientele may prefer more traditional styles of frames.

Choose Picture Frames In Keeping With Your Brand

Choose frames that are in keeping with your brand identity and the other types of products you sell. If you're the kind of retailer that stocks natural products then select frames that are made from materials such as wood.

Think about how others perceive your brand. Would you consider yourself a shabby chic type of retailer or one that is more traditional? By understanding who you are as a business, and what you represent, this can help to guide you when deciding the type of picture frames that will fit into your own particular brand ethos.


Picture frames are available at all different price points, from the cheap and cheerful frames to the more expensive, luxury items.

Affordable frames tend to be available in wood, plastic or aluminium, including multipacks which can be bought in bulk. More expensive options may be made with solid, high-quality materials and packaged individually to perfection.

The price of picture frames is often closely associated with the quality of them, so customers are more likely to pay higher prices for frames that they want to use for a prized photo or image, and to last a long time. If you're a retailer that caters for customers who like to spend more on quality goods for gifts or special occasions, it's worth stocking some luxury, quality frames to appeal to this market.

Picture Frame Sizes

Picture frames are available in all ranges of sizes, from very small frames for desks or tables, to large frames that are used to create a focal point on a wall. A recent popular trend is to buy lots of small frames and group them together on a wall to create a large centrepiece.

Wherever your retail premises operate from, it's important to think about how much space you've got available to stock and store different sizes of frames. If space is at a premium, you might not have the room to store very large frames, which might not sell quickly.

It's a good idea to choose popular sizes of picture frames, which are always best sellers. These include standard sizes such as 6 x 4", 8 x 6" or 10 x 8", for example.

Some picture frames may have a very wide frame area but only a small area for a photo, so these may be worth choosing if your customers like highly decorative items.

Choose a Reputable Wholesale Gift Supplier

Once you have armed yourself with all there is to know about the different picture frames available and what is likely to work well with your customer base, choose a wholesale gift supplier that supplies a great deal of choice and who are flexible and adaptable to suit your needs as your business changes or grows.

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