Best Selling Gift Items of 2022

best-selling Gift Items for 2022

For those running a giftware business, it's a good idea to base much of your stock on the most perennially popular wholesale gifts. These gifts should stand the test of time, sell well all year round, and help your business make a steady profit. Fortunately, people love to give gifts throughout the year, with house-warming gifts, in particular, being very much in demand during the summer wedding season.

Alongside this, it's always a good idea to supplement your main sales lines with trending wholesale gifts. Such products help to provide your business with an image that's right up to date.

Choosing the Best Wholesale Clocks

You can usually rely on wholesale clocks to be a constant presence in the best-sellers category. They're practical necessities that won't ever go out of fashion. A beautiful clock is always appreciated, especially for birthdays and anniversaries. Our range of mantel clocks make beautiful gifts for any home. They combine a classic, traditional touch with a contemporary styling that's sure to please any age group. They often include Roman dials and fascinating pendulums - features that also make them great as family heirlooms.

Novelty Clocks Including wholesale clocks in your inventory that convey a sense of fun can appeal to many different customers. Novelty wall clocks are always popular sellers, especially when displayed in children's rooms. We stock a range of novelty wall clocks in animal shapes or with faces that depict favourite storybook characters. Providing wall clock gifts with a nostalgic twist is always sure to attract the attention of people looking for a golden wedding anniversary or retirement gift. Our stock often includes a range of such wall clocks, some with monochrome faces from by-gone days.

Collector's Clocks Horologists love collecting clocks - particularly unusual versions. You'll find our selection of miniature wholesale clocks incredibly imaginative! Tiny timepieces are combined with a range of themes - from nautical concepts to music, vehicles, sport and much more. These products make very special gifts to celebrate many personal milestones. The ultimate in clock collecting must be the cuckoo clock, and we have some extravagantly carved designs that evoke the charm of the original cuckoo clocks of seventeenth-century Bavaria.

Choosing the Most Popular Wholesale Figurines

One of the most indulgent yet perpetually popular gift categories is figurines. People love to purchase these beautiful objects as gifts to mark a special occasion or convey a unique, symbolic message. Psychologically, figurines are reminders to be happy and that's one of the reasons they make such perfect gifts and are great for home decor. We stock many ornaments with a Christmas theme to help your customers celebrate the festive season, and there are plenty of options for the rest of the year too.

Sentimental Figurines Many of your customers are sure to be purchasing gifts for friends, relatives, and loved ones who have just become new parents. In our store you'll find all types of wholesale figurines of mothers with babies, a sentimental gift guaranteed to evoke a warm, emotional response in both the giver and the recipient. Some are elegant and contemporary, while others are more stylised representations of animals, such as owls and penguins, caring for their own little ones. Whichever sentimental figurines you choose for your shop, they are sure to find approval.

Cute Figurines This category is almost guaranteed to be a hit amongst your customers. According to well-respected scientists, cute images help to make us happy, calm and intensely content. It's why many of our cute wholesale figurines are based on family pets! We have a beautiful range of cute figurines such as kittens, dogs, ponies, and more. Some of them are fun and novel, resembling animated cartoon animals, while others have a lifelike appearance that should appeal to lovers of fine art. Many of our cute figurines are highly stylised, ensuring they'll complement homes with the latest contemporary interior decor.

Exotic Figurines Other best-selling wholesale figurines include unusual items that connect to faraway places. For instance, we currently have an exciting range of figurines with an African, tribal theme. Traditional carved masks are an ideal gift for anyone who has travelled through Africa and would like a reminder in their home, or for those who dream of one day going on safari. Animal designs are ever-present, and representations of big cats, elephants and fish decorated with intricate, traditional African patterns, are incredibly popular amongst customers.

Choosing the Most Popular Picture Frame Styles

On the surface, a picture frame may seem a dull, unchallenging gift, but it's amazing how this perception can be transformed simply by adding a favourite photograph! Our wholesale picture frames are perfect for saving memories and look fantastic at home. We have many beautiful picture frames that include messages to highlight special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries or milestone birthdays. Add these products to your inventory and your business will be sure to have plenty of opportunities to help your customers record the happy events of their lives.

Decorative Picture frames Choosing decorative wholesale picture frames should add an extra dimension to your stock. We have frames with ornate, embossed edges to enhance any photograph. One example is an elaborate frame with appropriate wording for displaying a beloved pet's photograph. People also often love to make their own collection of favourite memories or people. Look out for our frames with several spaces for any collection, or for our packs of multiple small frames that look highly attractive when arranged on a wall in any home. Whatever you choose, wholesale picture frames are ideal for your business as they are always in demand as personal family gifts.

The Latest Trends in Wholesale Gifts

It's always important to keep an eye on current trends. Fortunately, we track this ourselves, and your giftware business can benefit from following our featured trends. They'll help keep your shop attuned to all the fads and interests your customers currently find enthralling. Right now it's summer - weddings are in vogue so make sure to stock up with wedding gifts to delight the happy couple. Items such as wooden coasters, candles and heart-shaped cheese boards are always popular. Other gift ideas include things such as twin packs of mugs, egg cups, and champagne flutes.

Kids Wholesale Gifts Ever since Paddington Bear joined the Queen for a Platinum Jubilee afternoon tea, gifts featuring Michael Bond's fictional character have been more sought-after than ever. Luckily, we have plenty in stock! You can get ahead and prepare your business for a forthcoming season with one of our many Christmas-themed Paddington's. Wholesale Disney gifts remain incredibly popular too, as do items with superhero and Harry Potter themes.

Sophisticated Wholesale Gifts For those of a more sophisticated persuasion, you'll love the latest trend of gifts combining elegance and contemporary design. Delicate mugs, stylised animal figurines, compact mirrors and trinket boxes all convey a stylish, modern image that's ideal for contemporary and traditional tastes. We also have beautiful gifts for the home such as cute, inspirational pendants and aromatic candles.

Now is the time to stock your business with best selling, high-quality wholesale gifts from Our exciting range of highly attractive gifts is sure to appeal to customers of all ages.