How to Display Candles for the Ultimate Impact

How to display Candles for the ultimate impact

It's great to stock your shop with candles of all types, but this doesn't automatically mean they're going to sell fast. How you present your candles to your customers is everything and could make the difference between making a sale or not. An attractive and well-thought out display has many benefits - it presents your products in the optimum way, can encourage more foot traffic into your shop, and can increase sales.

Understanding some smart ways to display your candles can help you to create attractive set-ups that boost interest and purchases. There are lots of different approaches you can take to create great displays that align with your store. This article shows you some strategies for how to display candles for the ultimate impact.

Display a variety of gifts

There's certainly nothing wrong with a candle-centric display but you might have a bigger impact when you combine candles with other gifts. This can be especially effective if you have some big ticket items, as candles tend to be a more spontaneous purchase. Showcasing your candle range alongside big selling items might give customers the push to buy one, especially at times of the year when gifting is common like Christmas or Mother's Day.

If you want to assemble a display that features candles as well as other gifts, it's helpful to choose products that work well together. Showing how the candles you sell complement other gifts can entice customers to buy a candle, even if they weren't originally planning to. You could include candles in matching colours, scents, or themes to show how they're a perfect partner for the other products in your display.

Create a themed display

Some retailers struggle to come up with ideas for displays but it's not something you have to overcomplicate. Building seasonal themed displays keeps them relevant and is a great way to tap into the mood of your customers.

A themed display can also incorporate other gifts alongside candles.

Once you've chosen an appropriate theme, look through your candles and inventory and decide which products are relevant. Thinking about the colours and scents of your candles can help you to decide what to include. You can also incorporate other elements to make the display more eye-catching, for example fairy lights or a snowglobe at Christmas or pumpkins at Halloween. Simple and seasonal themes could revolve around:

Christmas Easter Valentines Day Mother's Day Halloween Summer holidays Spring Autumn Winter

Plan your display around your shop's niche

Another way to create an effective display is to plan it around your shop's niche. A benefit of this is that it's likely to appeal to the customers who visit your shop regularly. For example, if your shop has a heavy focus on local makers, you might choose to include some candles made in the area. You could create a really impactful display of artisan products made in your community.

If your focus is on quick and easy gift ideas, you could include candles in a display of greeting cards and other small gifts. This encourages your customers to grab a candle when they choose a card or another item. Planning your displays in this way shows how candles fit into your product range and your customer's needs.

Remember to dress it up

For a candle display that really makes an impact, you need more than just your products. Whatever theme you choose for a display, remember to add some extra touches that dress it up and command attention. The great thing here is that you can be as creative as you like and use anything that fits into your theme. Something as simple as coloured or seasonal fabric can help to make your display more compelling.

When you're planning a new display, it's worth thinking about all the ways you could dress it up and bring the theme to life. Some of your ideas might not be viable but there are lots of ways you can add to your display. Once you take a display down you can also reuse the extra bits in different ways. Some ideas for extras to include are: Christmas - baubles, tinsel, real or artificial mistletoe and holly Mother's Day - real or artificial flowers, children's drawings, family photo frames Summer holidays - sand, bucket and spade, sunglasses Easter - bunny and chick springtime figurines, decorated egg shells, miniature eggs

Share your displays online

Once you've created your display, it can have a bigger impact if you share it on social media or your website. Not only does this share the products you sell with a wider audience, images of an exciting display might encourage more visitors to your shop. Over time you might develop a reputation for exceptional product displays and this can be a unique selling point for your business.

If you want to share images on social media, make sure you get clear photos of the display from a range of angles. You might also want to hone in on individual products in the display. This means you can share more details about the candles and other products you offer and encourage your followers to come into the shop and see for themselves. Another good idea, especially if you have a very Instagrammable shop, is to share images of your display as soon as it's ready. This means you get there before anyone else takes photos and shares them online.

Choose the right wholesale candles

An impactful display of candles needs the right products. If you're looking to update your product range with quality candles there are so many different options available. Our wholesale candles buyer's guide helps you to understand the market and choose great candles that really add to your product range and appeal to your customers.

With the right products and some careful thought, you can create truly impactful candle displays. If you want to boost footfall and increase candle sales, try these suggestions for appealing displays in your shop and browse our wide range of wholesale candles, tealight holders and oil burners.