Global number one in luxury timepieces.

With superior quality materials and unique sound quality, Rhythm is globally renowned as the number one clock brand. Rhythm clocks are the centre of attention, providing a luxurious touch of refined beauty to any style of decoration. Built for a clock lover who appreciates ingenuity, the quality of a Rhythm clock is unparalleled. These beautiful and sought after timepieces are sure to be cherished and treasured for a lifetime.

Many examples come complete with patented musical chimes and embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. Truly mesmerising clocks using the finest craftsmanship to bring magic and innovation.

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What people are saying about Rhythm

There's a reason Rhythm is global number 1

Rhythm clocks are designed for enthusiasts and people who really want an investment timepiece. They use the highest quality materials including real woods, brass, etched glass, Swarovski crystals, foils etc. They make a real statement and keep immaculate time. The movements are beautiful and the Magic Motion ones are particularly mesmerising with their chimes. The sound quality is amazing and everyone who comes in our shop can't help but smile when they do their thing. They may not be che
J. Simons & Sons Jewellers, 17/05/2019

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