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Rhythm is world renowned as the global number one in luxury quartz clocks. WIDDOP and Co. is proud to be the leading distributor of Rhythm clocks to the UK and Ireland.

Here is Rhythms ethos:

Rooted in Quality

Since 1950, Rhythm have been producing cutting edge products and to this day they continue and strive to constantly improve our goods by having the very best research and development divisions in the clock industry.
Rhythm clocks are the results of decades of research and development with the participation of educators, scientists, engineers, and consumers of all walks of life.

Home and Household

Rhythm wall, mantel and alarm clocks are a household item that brings the family together. Rhythm clocks are a beautiful ornament aesthetically. Furthermore, they are time pieces that bring peace and joy in the home through festive and classical melodies.

Your beliefs update with time” - Yesterday and Tomorrow

Rhythm clocks reflect a unique design that encompasses both the antiquity and the contemporary. Rhythm Clocks are sure to appeal to your preference.
“Your beliefs update with time” – Rhythm Clocks will be with you.


One of Rhythm’s beliefs is to provide quality time keeping products, thereby contributing to a society that functions on time and around the clock. Rhythm’s experienced and industry leading engineering department provides you with the most superior quality clock.

Handcrafted with care

Rhythm products boast carefully handcrafted products. Each step of the production has been handled with care to offer the very best product.

Manufacturer of precision goods – Worldwide

Rhythm is proud to be the largest manufacturer of clocks in the world. Rhythm products can be found in all continents of the world.

The Rhythm clocks range features a variety of finishes and materials, from hard woods to aluminium and including luxury embellishments such as crystals from Swarovski®.

Superior sound and movement systems such as the Sound In Place chime function and Small World moving dials make Rhythm clocks a mesmerising focal point in any room. They look fantastic in store and offer retailers with something truly eye-catching and special.

In many ways a Rhythm clock is the ultimate merchandising tool, they sell themselves with their beauty, unique functions and design. They are a favourite amongst jewellers, specialist clock retailers and home stores.

For luxury wholesale clocks which truly stand out from the crowd, Rhythm clocks is a perfect choice.

To become a stockist please fill in an enquiry form, or contact WIDDOP customer services on 0161 688 1226 or at sales@widdop.co.uk.

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