What A SHOW! Spring Fair 2020

10th February, 2020

After a MAGNIFICENT #teamwiddop effort to construct our biggest and most spectacular stand ever, the event was topped off with great meetings and visits from all of our fantastic customers.

It was great to catch up with so many familiar faces, as well as meeting many new people and organisations.

The atmosphere was different to last year. The uncertainty of Brexit and the difficulties in the retail landscape are not forgotten, but they have given way to a more considered and tangibly more positive outlook. After speaking to so many of you, it's clear that there is still a lot of work to be done, but that everyone seems more motivated than ever to do it.

Our Christmas stand was a real hit, appearing in social media posts left, right and centre. And the overwhelming consensus on our new products, as well as our stand, was that this year's Spring Summer and Christmas ranges are the best yet.

Watch our Spring Fair EVENT VIDEO.

Don't forget, our Christmas showroom is still open and ready for visitors. You have until March 20th to get your pick from the full Santa's Workshop collection. Shop the range now: https://www.widdop.co.uk/shop-by-occasion/occasion...