30th April, 2019
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National Stationery week is underway and here at WIDDOP we have a host of journals, gift books, pens, pencils diaries and guest books to inspire creativity, stay organised and to stay stylish.

Brand new range The Office by Harvey Makin offers a collection of affordable journals and matching pens complete with funny titles.

All new collection Swan Lake by Hotchpotch – with love from London, provides journal and pen sets focussed on design led elegance with luxury foil finishes and trending colour palettes.

Best-selling luxury stationery collection Studio Oh! offers everything a go-getting fashionista needs to stay organised and stay on trend.

Luxury writing instrument brand Stratton provides the perfect gift for the discerning stationery lover with superior materials and elegant finishes – a lifetime of precision in the palm of your hand.

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