Widdop and Co - Winners of the 2021 Giftware Supplier of the Year Award for our Outstanding Service and Support to Choice Marketing members throughout 2021

14th October, 2021
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At Widdop and Co, we are always both honoured and humbled to receive recognition for our hard work and service. As a Gift & Homeware wholesaler, our entire business belongs to an industry that is dependent on bringing a smile to people’s faces. Every person who works within our company is integral to our success in delivering this end, and for this, we are grateful to all members of our community. With all this in mind, you can imagine our joy at being nominated for a Choice Award in Service and Support during the Choice Marketing Event last Thursday!

Choice is a buying group that services upwards of 40 UK independent garden centres, and one which Widdop and Co is a member. To be considered for an award in Service and Support was a privilege. To reference the award specifically, and in all its deserved glory, we felt grateful to have been nominated for the ‘2021 Giftware Supplier of the Year Award for Outstanding Service and Support to Choice Marketing members throughout 2021’.

You can, therefore, imagine our joy upon eventually winning the award!

Successes like these are where the community spirit that underpins Widdop and Co is felt most vibrantly. It is within our nature as a family business to disperse this sense of achievement to every one of our hard-working employees. We could not provide the service that warranted this award without the care, consideration, and conscientious attitude that each of them retains on a day-to-day basis.

We also remain consistently grateful to our customers, who we aim to continue serving and supporting as our business continues to grow. One of the huge benefits of being a wholesaler is our close connection to other businesses, and there is a huge sense of reward in observing the part that our bespoke products play in the process that makes their consumer happy.

Finally, Widdop and Co want to express sincere gratitude to Choice for inviting us to their Marketing Event. Any recognition we get is always received with humility, and we hope to use this award as both a driving force and a motivating factor to push us to continue working hard at everything we do, with the aim to carry on serving the Gift & Homeware industry in the process.