Design Team

Our design team seeks inspiration and trends from across the World to bring next and innovative product to our range. Through our entire product categories from giftware to home accessories, design is fully immersed from conception through to final product delivery. Working closely with our imports and QA departments, the design team is the first to see our product come to life. Constantly looking at key upcoming trends for the seasons ahead to ensure our product offering is in line ahead of future trends in the market.

Meet The Design Team

Katie Neal staff photo

Meet Katie

Describe Widdop in 3 words...

Ambitious, Friendly, Exciting

Why did you join Widdop?

In terms of being a designer here it was the huge variety of projects I would be able to be part of - everyday is different and I learn so many things.

Amy johnson staff photo

Meet Amy

Describe Widdop in 3 words...

Friendly, Eclectic, Inventive

Why did you join Widdop?

When I came for my interview here, I was impressed by the camaraderie between the team and how passionate everyone was.

Lottie staff photo

Meet Lottie

When you were growing up you wanted to be a...

Anything creative - at one point a fashion designer, then an artist, now a product designer!

Describe Widdop in 3 words...

Collaborative, Friendly, Lively

Best part about your job...

Creating original artwork and seeing your own illustrations on real life products in the shops.

Anna Mayne staff photo

Meet Anna

When you were growing up you wanted to be a...

An interior designer or anything creative which lead onto being a Homeware designer perfectly!

Describe Widdop in 3 words...

Friendly, Enthusiastic, Passionate.

Best part about your job...

The wonderful team and working on big ranges such as Hestia, Disney Home & Harry Potter

Meet The 3D Designer

Ste staff photo

Meet Ste

Best thing about Widdop?

The variety in my role definitely. I've worked with all sorts of manufacturing techniques from 3D printing to laser engraving and now UV printing. every day brings a new challenge.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in a fair few things but, mainly nature - I always had a soft spot for anything that was designed using nature as a guide (the Japanese bullet train being designed in the shape of a Kingfisher beak being the best example). It makes sense to use nature as a guide because it's had millions of years to evolve and figure out what's best and most efficient!

Favourite project you have worked on?

Building up NON studios from essentially a small broom cupboard to what it is now has been the best and most rewarding projected I've worked on. We started with one small laser engraver and now we have engraving, UV printing, labelling, and sublimation as we move into full production.