With superior quality materials and unique sound quality, Rhythm is globally renowned as the number one clock brand. Rhythm clocks are the centre of attention, providing a luxurious touch of refined beauty to any style of decoration. Built for a clock lover who appreciates ingenuity, the quality of a Rhythm clock is unparalleled. These beautiful and sought after timepieces are sure to be cherished and treasured for a lifetime.

Magic Motion clocks are designed to be a real statement piece. The musical chimes utilise patented Clarion Tone System and Sound In Place systems for the highest quality in tone and the ability to choose from a range of pop songs, ballads, Christmas carols, hymns and classical music. These sophisticated systems also include night sensors and volume controls so you can ensure they are just right.

These spectacular timepieces feature intricate moving designs which come to life whenever the clock chimes. Rotating elements, secret compartments embellished with crystals from Swarovski®, and mesmerising movements create something truly special, guaranteed to be a talking point for many years.