Hear My Roar

ROAR-some gifts for the little monster in your life!

Hear My Roar by Just 4 Kids is our collection of dinosaur themed gifts and bedroom accessories. Almost every child goes through a dinosaur phase and this range is the perfect collection of fun dino character friends. Tallulah the T-Rex, Trish the Triceratops, Doug the Diplodocus and Spike the Stegosaurus are guaranteed to be their new favourites. Read their stories!

Tallulah the T-Rex

Tallulah looks ferocious with her great big sharp teeth.

But she is really very gentle when you see what’s underneath.

Most people would run away from her and not even think twice.

But she’s not frightening, in fact, she’s scared of little mice!

Trish the Triceratops

Now Trish is the real terror of our little Dino gang.

With the sharp horns on her head and her pointy little fangs.

She loves getting into mischief and playing cheeky tricks.

But don’t worry, Trish the triceratops only eats sticks!

Douglas the Diplodocus

Douglas moves very slowly and Douglas LOVES to eat.

His long neck stretches up for leaves and he doesn’t like meat.

Douglas is always smiling, he’s really very sweet.

But if Douglas starts running, watch out for his great big feet!

Spike the Stegosaurus

Spike the Stegosaurus has enormous spines along his back.

They are there to protect Spike from Dinosaur attack.

If one gets a little peckish and wants a tasty snack.

They’d better stay away from Spike or he’ll give them a nasty whack!

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