Showroom Team

Taking the time to visit our North Manchester showrooms is a must for every retailer. After all there is no substitute for seeing and handling a product in the flesh. Our experienced and dedicated showroom team are delighted to offer support and advice to suit your specific requirements, from information on particular products through to visual merchandising tips to help maximise your profitability.

To showcase our 8000 products we have four fantastic showrooms covering over 12,500 square feet. We constantly update and redesign to ensure we are at the cutting edge, representing the most fundamental and exciting trends across the industry.

We are open every weekday from 8:30am until 5pm.



Take a look at our 5 fantastic showrooms plus a designated Christmas showroom which are open all year round! We have a great team of highly skilled showroom staff, who know EVERYTHING there is to know about our vast collection of products, and can ensure you get the most out of your visit.



At Widdop most of our extensive sentiment gift showroom showcases our exclusive sentiment brands designed by our dedicated in-house team. With brands aimed at consumers of all ages, from new-borns to retirees and for any occasion from birth to bereavement, we are proud to offer an unparalleled selection of gifts and keepsakes to suit any budget and all tastes.


Our in-house design team exclusively create over 90% of our unbeatable selection of gifts in line with all the latest and upcoming trends. The incredible variety of tastes and styles encompassed by Sophia Ladies Gifts, Harvey Makin for the discerning modern gentleman, Just 4 Kids and our new and innovative Now or Never brand for young adults, provides any and all customers with a wealth of choice to suit the needs of their specific consumers. 


Our Home showroom showcases our unique and exclusive selection of homeware and clock brands. From Hestia’s monochrome Silver collection to Country Living’s garden furnishings and shabby chic Hometime clocks to traditional Wm Widdop pendulum pieces, Home is constantly updated and redesigned to represent all crucial trends in contemporary interior design. Our selection provides unparalleled variety to suit any taste, budget and functional requirement.


Our wonderful Celebrations Café is the perfect place to refuel and reflect on everything our wonderful showrooms have to offer. 

Discuss your requirements with our showroom team over a freshly brewed coffee or arrange an informal lunch meeting with your local representative. 

With data points and comfortable booths, Celebrations is the ideal environment to establish the next steps in your buying strategy.

We run a programme of in-house shows throughout the year to showcase our new and innovative product offering with lunches provided in the Celebrations Café. For more information, please visit the events page.